Adventures in Book Scanning

Happy Friday! This week I learned how to use a new piece of equipment – the book scanner. The reason we had to use the book scanner was that one of the documents had pages that were bound to each other with a string of sorts, and may also have been glued together, and taking the pages apart might have damaged them. This is where the book scanner comes in – the magical device scans books from above, so unlike a regular scanner, the pages don’t have to be pressed between the device to be scanned. The book can be laid out normally, as if it’s being read, and the scanner basically takes a picture of it from the top that’s then transferred to the computer. I was surprised at how mostly simple it is to use, and even more surprised that using it seems to be faster than using the regular scanner. The only step that’s been harder than the regular scanner so far has been having to redraw the cropping window for each page, but that’s pretty minor. Look how good of a job it does! Happy weekend, and as always, drink your water.