Week Eight – Last Week

Hey Everyone!

Last Friday we had our final presentations and I think it went really well! I got to learn so much about what some of the other fellows learned and what they thought about their jobs. I was a bit nervous about presenting but I think I did a good job not showing that while I was presenting.

Today is my last day working as a CLIR CCEPS fellow. I learned so many great skills and felt really good about my contributions to the whole. Learning about all that goes on behind the scenes has really changed the way I view and appreciate sources available online. This was probably one of my favorite jobs that I’ve had so far. I’ve always been really interested in gaining hands on experience with the archival process, and this job has given me that.  It has also helped me feel more independent as a person and has helped me budget my time better as a student.

“California Sorrows”

Hello everybody!

This week something exciting happened. While I was going through one of the “miscellany” folders, I found a wonderful poem about T.S. Eliot and Emily Hale’s time in Claremont. 
The following is my favorite part of the poem: “Eliot wished to ride with Emily Hale / east in her little roadster / across a scrubby desert / to a hamburger place called the In and Out / that became famous with the poets.” How funny is it to imagine THE T.S. Eliot at In n Out? 
It’s written by Mary Kinzie and I became curious to know her connection to the poets and Claremont. So I wrote to her. She responded back within minutes: “My source for information about Eliot and Emily Hale is the Eliot biography by Lyndall Gordon. I wrote parts of this sequence when I was visiting my daughter who was then attending CMC.” 
I hope to invite her to the Athenaeum to speak about her poem!
Here’s the full link to her poem if anyone’s interested: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20607437?seq=4#page_scan_tab_contents
Thanks for reading!

Presentation Day!

Hi everyone!

Today in about 2,946 seconds, I will be sharing my experience as a CCEPS CLIR Water Fellow! It has been an awesome year working alongside other CCEPS Fellows. Although my last work day for the semester is almost here, I am excited to start up again in June! So even though I might be ending my CLIR Water work next week, I will be back during the summer to further explore southern California water documents!

Until next time,

Angel Ornelas

Week Seven!

This week has been super exciting! I got to learn a new step of the process: metadata. It was a slightly draining task but it was worth it to see all three of the document bundles uploaded! I didn’t think that it would mean that much to me to see the process all the way through, but I was definitely more fulfilled after seeing the whole process from start to finish. In addition to this, I worked on renaming ONT numbers and converting PDFs to PDF-A1b files like I did last week.

I’m really excited to present my findings today at the CCEPS CLIR Water presentation!

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Almost to the Finish Line

Hello Everyone, 

I can’t
my time at CCEPS is almost over, next week will be my last.
I am so close to being finished with my goals for this project! I am almost
done with the basics of the finding aid. I have been able to work on condensing
the boxes down even further and will continue to work on it next Tuesday. My
goal is to get it all done by next Thursday and be ready for my CCEPS project
presentation by next Friday. Wish me luck!

Project Progress

The CLIR Water project is a
little over a year old and we’ve made a lot of progress. However, there is
still plenty to do. I have been working on metadata for the Chaffey brothers
letters–a mere fraction of the collection–all semester and there is still more
to do. Still, I am proud of the progress that that project has made, especially
since I started last August.

Everyone here has been
working hard doing a variety of different tasks to scan documents, create metadata
for them, and upload them on the Claremont Colleges Digital Library. However,
there are other tasks involved in this project. We have created a social media
campaign to spread awareness about the project and collection. We have
contributed to this blog in order to track the project’s progress and share our
experiences. We have been to conferences and some of us have even presented at
conferences so that we can participate in the larger discourse about archives,
special collections, environmental history, and water resources.

There are many facets to the
project which is one reason it has been so amazing to be a part of the CLIR
Water project. I can’t wait to see how this project continues to evolve.




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Photo Albums

Last week I finally finished working on the scattered photographs and moved on to the much easier task of processing the photo albums. As I will be traveling to Hong Kong during the reading days, this is the last week I am working as a CCEPS fellow this semester. I will resume archiving when I return to Claremont in late August. 

The photo albums mostly contain old photos that Norman Yao took in British Hong Kong, some for the US Information Service and others of his own interest. Norman documented many local events such as Zhang Daqian’s (1899 – 1983) visit to an art exhibition, the catastrophic 1952 fire in Kowloon, and industrial exhibitions of native goods. A number of these photos were published in local newspapers as they showcase Hong Kong’s search for identity as a one of the last Asian colonies in the postwar era. 

There is also a particular discourse among Norman’s photo albums. The albums usually begin with a photo of Norman with his camera, and they proceed with a few auspicious photos, usually eagles or Chinese junks. Then Norman would include a few photos of his beloved wife, Anne Yao, before the actually contents begin. 

Have a good weekend! 



Chinese sailor on a British ship, c. 1954


Anne Yao in Hong Kong, c. 1953

Archive Space

Hello all, 

Last week I started uploading the files to Archive Space! 
I still need to do the item by item for each file. This week I will be starting Omeka and start preparing for the presentation I will give!
My presentation will be on T.S. Eliot, the Claremont Connection. I can’t wait to see what you all have been working on as well. 
Zoey Ryu

April 20th, 2018

Hello All!

Today Hazel and I finished all of the file verification for all of the Frankish Letters Book II! I am very excited about this and proud of us! Over the next couple of weeks hopefully we will start working on converting the PDF’s to PDF a1b and even a little meta data.

Until Next Week!

Week Six

Hey everyone,

This week I continued to work on renaming the files to ont numbers. In addition to that, it turned out that we were accidentally naming the ont numbers wrong, writing 00013 and 000113 instead of 00113. Today I went through and started to correct that but it’s going to take a while to go through all the files and excel spreadsheets.

Lets hope this doesn’t set us back too much!