Week Eight – Last Week

Hey Everyone!

Last Friday we had our final presentations and I think it went really well! I got to learn so much about what some of the other fellows learned and what they thought about their jobs. I was a bit nervous about presenting but I think I did a good job not showing that while I was presenting.

Today is my last day working as a CLIR CCEPS fellow. I learned so many great skills and felt really good about my contributions to the whole. Learning about all that goes on behind the scenes has really changed the way I view and appreciate sources available online. This was probably one of my favorite jobs that I’ve had so far. I’ve always been really interested in gaining hands on experience with the archival process, and this job has given me that.  It has also helped me feel more independent as a person and has helped me budget my time better as a student.

Week Seven!

This week has been super exciting! I got to learn a new step of the process: metadata. It was a slightly draining task but it was worth it to see all three of the document bundles uploaded! I didn’t think that it would mean that much to me to see the process all the way through, but I was definitely more fulfilled after seeing the whole process from start to finish. In addition to this, I worked on renaming ONT numbers and converting PDFs to PDF-A1b files like I did last week.

I’m really excited to present my findings today at the CCEPS CLIR Water presentation!

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Week Six

Hey everyone,

This week I continued to work on renaming the files to ont numbers. In addition to that, it turned out that we were accidentally naming the ont numbers wrong, writing 00013 and 000113 instead of 00113. Today I went through and started to correct that but it’s going to take a while to go through all the files and excel spreadsheets.

Lets hope this doesn’t set us back too much!

Week Five


This week Sydney and I worked together with the goal of finishing scanning and renaming all of Frankish Letters Book 2. I finished scanning the book in the Special Collections room and then worked on matching, checking, and renaming the scanned files. This took a bit of time, because unlike Sydney, I checked and matched my files before I started renaming the files. I think this way is better for me, because even though it’s slower than Sydney’s way, I think I would get confused if I did it the other way (switching from window to window). Next week we will finish remaining files and then work on turning them in to PDFa-1b files for when we finally upload them.

Week Four


This week was really fun because I got to scan the second half of the Frankish Letters Book 2 in the Special Collections Room. This was the first time I got to use the scanner and it was super interesting to learn how to scan and all the various issues that have come up in relation to it. I learned which settings, and in what order I should do things so that Adobe wouldn’t crash or have any errors. Other than the occasional crash it went pretty smoothly for me and I got to finish the book! I got to test my theory that the writing on the pages would be more visible if we started using white paper behind them rather than black paper. It turns out that it actually does make it clearer to read the words. It was also really cool to spend more time in the Special Collections Room. Now I get to start checking, matching, and renaming the files I scanned.

More to come!

Week Three

Hey everyone,

This was my third week exporting and renaming PDF files from Frankish Book 1 and I’m almost done! There were 500 scans that needed to be exported and 500 transcripts that needed to be renamed and paired. I am about to hit page 470, so only 30 more to go! It has been very interesting working with this book and tracking Mr. Frankish’s business transactions and correspondences.
Nothing new to report other than that!
Have an awesome weekend!

Week Two

This week I continued to worked on Frankish Letters Book 1. As I did last week, I separated individual scans from a larger PDF file, paired them with their transcripts, and renamed them to match with each other. As I was checking to see if the transcript and the scan matched, I found myself reading little sections of each document and I observed something interesting! In some of the documents it looked like Charles Frankish was developing or already had a relationship with the recipient of the letters, leading to many P.S.’s at the ends of business letters, that were personal messages. I remember one of them asked if the recipient’s wife was feeling better and another referenced “snakebites” (quotes included in the letter), which could be referring to actual snakebites, but could also be a secret code word for something else! I thought that was pretty interesting, like maybe they were worried that someone else might look at their letters to try to find some important business deals. I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist but I definitely think this might be a possible theory! Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing more personal correspondences from Mr. Frankish as I transfer more of these business letters.

First full week!


My name is Hazel and this week was my first full week as a CLIR CCEPS Fellow. It has been really awesome to see all the different steps that go into uploading just one document. I spent the first half of the week looking over scans and transcripts for the Chaffey Letters book II, making sure that everything in that file was oriented correctly. Then for the last half of the week, I started separating individual scans of the Frankish Letters Book I from the larger ongoing PDF. After I separate a scan then I rename it and pair it with the corresponding transcript. I have found that through working this week, I have learned a lot about the systems within which I will be working for the remainder of the semester, as well as more about the team. I’m super excited to see what’s next!