Week Two

This week I continued to worked on Frankish Letters Book 1. As I did last week, I separated individual scans from a larger PDF file, paired them with their transcripts, and renamed them to match with each other. As I was checking to see if the transcript and the scan matched, I found myself reading little sections of each document and I observed something interesting! In some of the documents it looked like Charles Frankish was developing or already had a relationship with the recipient of the letters, leading to many P.S.’s at the ends of business letters, that were personal messages. I remember one of them asked if the recipient’s wife was feeling better and another referenced “snakebites” (quotes included in the letter), which could be referring to actual snakebites, but could also be a secret code word for something else! I thought that was pretty interesting, like maybe they were worried that someone else might look at their letters to try to find some important business deals. I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist but I definitely think this might be a possible theory! Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing more personal correspondences from Mr. Frankish as I transfer more of these business letters.