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Hello All!

This is my last week as a fellow. This week I learned how to convert files to PDF-A1b and meta-data. Both tasks are relatively tedious, but very important to the archival process. As I reflect on my time as a fellow I am glad that I was able to work here for the semester. I learned a lot about working in special collections, learned some skills, and read several letters from Charles Frankish.

Thanks for a great semester!

April 20th, 2018

Hello All!

Today Hazel and I finished all of the file verification for all of the Frankish Letters Book II! I am very excited about this and proud of us! Over the next couple of weeks hopefully we will start working on converting the PDF’s to PDF a1b and even a little meta data.

Until Next Week!

April 13, 2018

Hello All!

This week I continued working on verifying files and renaming the verified files to ont file names. While verifying the files I have had the opportunity to read a few more of the letters and while reading them I have been trying to determine what Charles Frankish’s role in the community was. Thus far, I have learned that he sold items to people in the community including rubber packaging, Gas Cox and Hose Valves. I am not sure what these items were used for, but I know that he helped people get them!

This week I have also been working very closely with Hazel (another fellow who is also working on the Frankish Letters Book II). The work has been going well and I am proud of the progress that we have made!  I have really enjoyed collaborating with Hazel on the book because I am able to discuss the progress with her and I feel like we work more efficiently together!

Until next time,

Reading Frankish Letters

Hello All,

This week I continued working with the Frankish Letters Book verifying the file transcripts and scans. I am currently working on the letters that were written in August 1887.

After reading several of the Frankish letters, I have noticed that Charles Frankish often corresponded with the same people over a long period of time. I have also noticed that he addresses different people with different greetings. For some people he says “My Dear Sir” or just “Dear Sir”. I wonder if he addresses people that he is closer to with “My”. I also noticed that some of the letters he writes go all the way to Kansas, I found it very interesting that he had business with people so far away!

I am looking forward to continuing to read the letters next week.

All the best,

File Verification

Hello Everyone,

This week I worked on verifying that the transcripts of the Frankish Letters Book 2 match the correlating scans, and I am happy to report that they do!

While I have been working on this, I have found myself reflecting on the intricacy of the penmanship of the letters. The handwriting is very beautiful and artistic.

Until Next Time,

Spring Break Scanning

This week I continued scanning Frankish Letters Book 2. I am just over half way through scanning the book. I am very excited about this, and I think I might finish scanning the book by April!

This week I scanned letters from July and I noticed that Charles Frankish wrote less letters in July than in June. I find this very interesting and I wonder if it is because on average more business was conducted in June than July. Hopefully as I continue to read the letters I will find out.

More Next Week,


Hello Everyone!

This week I continued scanning Frankish Letters Book 2! It went really well. I am proud to say I have learned how to use the book scanner. I am excited to continue working on this project and seeing it develop. 
All the best, 

Scanning Frankish Letters

Hi All,

This week I worked on scanning pages and matching the transcripts to Frankish Letters Book 2. This week I also had the opportunity to read some of the letters! Charles Frankish wrote many letters a day, and I have noticed that he regularly writes to the same people. I think it is very interesting that these letters can help us better understand the business relationships that Charles had. I am excited to see the other people Charles worked with.

More next week,

Knee Deep in Frankish Letters

Hi all,

This week I broke apart transcripts from the Frankish letters book three and then started scanning the Frankish letters book two. As I broke apart the PDFs and scanned the letters I was surprised by the daily number of letters that Charles Frankish wrote. Some days he wrote twenty! I have also been thinking about the fact that before Charles was able to send the letters he wrote, someone had to transcribe them into a bound book for record keeping. It is making me feel very thankful for email!

Looking forward to next week,

First Week On The Job

This week was my first week working as a CLIR CCEPS fellow. I am very excited to work with and learn at Special Collections this semester. This week I have been exporting individual pages from transcripts of the Frankish Letters Book Two. As I exported the pages, I thought about the diligence put into writing, binding, and transcribing the letters. I am excited that soon they will become a public resource for researchers to use. I am sure they produce something equally as impressive as the letters themselves. Looking forward to what next week will hold.