April 13, 2018

Hello All!

This week I continued working on verifying files and renaming the verified files to ont file names. While verifying the files I have had the opportunity to read a few more of the letters and while reading them I have been trying to determine what Charles Frankish’s role in the community was. Thus far, I have learned that he sold items to people in the community including rubber packaging, Gas Cox and Hose Valves. I am not sure what these items were used for, but I know that he helped people get them!

This week I have also been working very closely with Hazel (another fellow who is also working on the Frankish Letters Book II). The work has been going well and I am proud of the progress that we have made!  I have really enjoyed collaborating with Hazel on the book because I am able to discuss the progress with her and I feel like we work more efficiently together!

Until next time,