More Metadata and a Watery Trip to LA

Hello readers! This week I’ve worked on collecting
more metadata, and I have unfortunately run out of meta jokes. Dry your tears
however, because next week the CCEPS fellows may be going on a field trip! We might be visiting the Metropolitan Water District in LA and getting a tour of the
exhibits at the district, including “Turning on the Tap: 75 Years of Water
Delivery to Southern California,” and “From the Archives Reaching for Water –
Rex Brandt and Metropolitan.” We may also learn more about a recent
Twitter campaign carried out by MWD about the stories of individuals who were
involved in the Colorado River Aqueduct. I’m looking forward to hearing about
things that I’ve spent the last two months reading pieces of, and getting a
better idea of how Southern California’s water history is shaping its current and
future access to water. Stay dry out there – there are light showers this week, and the water is coming for you.