A surprise while scanning

Hi all,

Today as I was scanning the contents of one of the Ontario Mutual Water Companies Collection folders, I came across a scrap from a planner which caught my eye. It’s similar to the one I use to keep life organized, but it’s from 1952, which is so cool! Apart from a little calendar and dates on the side, it also includes historical facts. For example, on August 5th, it says “first Atlantic cable U.S. to England 1858.” What fascinates me most, though, is the quote printed across the top: “to know but one religion is not to know that one.” It’s pretty thought-provoking and encourages an open mind- not something I necessarily associate with the 1950s in the U.S. I wonder why this blank page ended up in a folder which mostly contains letters to stockholders and such. I hope to continue stumbling across little interesting tidbits as I get through scanning the rest of this box.


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