Celebrating the Opening of the Canal with King Neptune

In 1940, a grand celebration was held to commemorate the opening
of the All-American Canal. This celebration was not to celebrate the completion
of the canal, but rather to celebrate the first use of the completed parts of the canal. A completed, and filled, section of the canal is where the celebration took
place. This particular section is called the East Highland Canal. Water in this photo was
initially “ponded” at the East Highland Turnout so that way the initial delivery
of water could be made the day of the celebration. Water in the photos would
eventually flow out to the Imperial Valley after traveling through the canal.
Celebration photos below show King Neptune and his court of lovely women
floating to the celebration on a decorated raft, as well as the Commissioner of
Reclamation (John C. Page) giving an opening address which kicked off the
celebration. It would be two more years before the canal would be completed. Reports
on the Canal continue past its completion in 1942 and through to 1954. Later reports
look closer at the functionality and economic benefits of the Canal.

all-american canal celebration 1940.jpg

Series: All-American Canal Project Histories, 1948-1954. Record Group 48: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1826-2009. National Archives Identifier: 2292770