#CLIRWater Presentation

As is the case with my fellow fellows, this week has been spent preparing for my final presentation on what I have worked on this semester. Working on the presentation was an interesting experience, trying to balance information about the actual process of digitizing while also illuminating the materials in the collection proved tricky. It will be exciting to show the public examples of what materials have been digitized. It will also be a joy to spend time with my other colleagues who have been working on similar projects. The digitization process, as well as archiving, can be extremely lonely. Any chance to mingle with others and break up the isolation is wonderful. 

Since I typically like to provide you all with a photo, please enjoy this lovely photo which begins the 1947 project history!
coloado river water enters coachella valley 1947.PNG
NARA Series: All-American Canal Project Histories, 1948-1954. Record Group 48: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1826-2009. National Archives Identifier: 2292770