Post Thanksgiving..

Post Thanksgiving week started out in a brisk pace, where I began working on certain oversize items, which required to be re-shot. Since the Hasselblad Camera had some functional issues, we had to shift to the Canon-Rebel camera, which required a different setting in order to take pictures indoors. Through the middle of the week, I started working on my culminating presentation. While finding out information for the presentation, an interesting fact that I was able to figure out was that there is no valid biography of Willis S. Jones. Finding out about Willis S. Jones was an eye-opener, which I plan to present during my presentation. 

Through the further end of the week, I continued working on my meta-data on the Willis S. Jones papers. Since, it was a continuation of the determination of water prices for certain regions surrounding the Temecula region, there wasn’t any new information that was particularly interesting.