Hello Archive Junkies!

My goodness, what a week it’s been! Now that all of the non-musical materials in the collection have been processed (things like Clokey’s correspondence, lecture notes, writings, biographical materials, etc.), I’ve been hard at work arranging and preserving the robust amount of music the Clokey Papers have to offer. While Joseph W. Clokey composed art music in a staggering variety of genres (symphonies, operas, operettas, suites, sonatas, pageants, sacred dramas, etc.), one of his great loves was choral music.

Both sacred and secular choral music represent a substantial portion of his output (substantial enough, at least, to take a full week of processing to get through it all). Some pieces of sacred choral music that he composed are represented in the collection not only in the final published form, but in heavily-revised manuscripts as well as early sketches. To see that sort of material you’ll have to come by Claremont Special Collections once the processed is finished, but for now I leave you with a lovely performance of a sacred choral work.

Performed by the San Joaquin Choral, this is “Mary Wore Three Links of Chain”.

Til Next Time!