Well it’s suddenly the week of spring break, hard to believe the semester is already half over! The end is in sight and the proof is in those tidy boxes. This week I finished up the photos / slides and also started digging deeper into the maps. These are the most substantial thing remaining to be done, but luckily the mapmakers had an order system. Can’t take chances I suppose when you’re trying to keep track of a dig, seems like it’d be pretty important to know where things are. Unfortunately, some of these are so massive that we’re going to have to keep them rolled up. It’s always best to avoid leaving them that way but any folder big enough for these could also double as a queen-sized bed cover. Some of the maps look like they’ve been through the mill a bit, like the dirt-covered field notes, and must have seen a lot of use. It would be interesting to find out just how each kind was used in the course of the dig. We’re still working on entering all the folder names into archivists toolkit as well, and getting some research done for the front material of the eventual finding aid. It’s definitely shaping up!

Until next week –