Blog Entry 009; Recovering Lost Data and Correcting Scans

It is always a horrible feeling when you come into work and find out that your last spreadsheet didn’t fully process its final save. I lost a lot of metadata work, so this week I have been focusing on recovering that work and double checking all of my digital surrogates for possible re-scans.

The work is definitely tedious but the tedious work is overshadowed by the fact that my co-interns and I are helping to create an online resource that is going to be vital to so many researchers, historians, city planners and many more. Therefore, although I was deeply disappointed when I discovered the final copy of my metadata spreadsheet did not save, I didn’t mind digging into my memory and reviewing the digital surrogates over again.

Although the name of our online archive is “California Water Documents” states such as Colorado and Arizona are mentioned in our digital surrogates. The Colorado River and The Yuma Project, respectively. Even if you aren’t a researcher or a historian, we encourage everyone to check out our archive because it’s interesting to find out about the history of the state you live in, want to live in or want to visit.