Chekhov’s Irrigation Report

Hi folks! In my original blog post all the way back in April 2017, I talked about scanning Samuel B. Morris’s “Report submitted by Pasadena Water Department to Federal Investigating Committee at hearing com. 2-24-26 re: San Gabriel Canyon Rs of W.”

That report has finally been digitized and uploaded. You can read it here.

And what of my second post, you probably weren’t asking but I’ll tell you anyway, about Frederick Cecil Finkle’s “Report on Victor Valley Irrigation District, San Bernardino County, California”?

Good news, hypothetical reader who’s really into 1920s Victor Valley irrigation! That’s been uploaded as well.

And whatever became of those Willis S. Jones field notes (last one, I swear)?

Now you too can experience the joy of reading Willis S. Jones’s field notes from the comfort of your home.

And with that, my CCEPS work is finished. But this project isn’t! There will be new fellows continuing this work, so keep an eye out for their posts.

Bye folks!