The Final Count Down

This week is my last week working on the Roland Jackson Collection. I have corrected all of my errors in ArchivesSpace, polished up the finding aid, and have labeled my boxes.
This is a picture of the collection back in June before I started  processing
RJC blog 11.1 .jpg
And this is the collection now. 
RJC blog 11.2.jpg
The collection went from having 7 records boxes, 8 document boxes, and 1 oversized box, to having 6 records, 2 document boxes, and 1 oversized box. The books in the collection were catalogued and binders in the collection were removed. 
This fellowship has been an eye opening experience and I have gained vital archival knowledge which will come in handy in the future. In addition, my experience at the library has also taught me to ALWAYS bring a sweater (it feels like an igloo in here!).
Although this is my last post for my CCEPS fellowship, there are still plenty of CCEPS students working on different projects throughout the year. Shout out to the CLIR Water Project and the studnets working on the project. You can check out their progress by clicking here . Also for more posts about all current and future CCEPS projects, you can click here
Peace out!