Approaching the End of My First Batch

Hello all, 

I am finally approaching the end of finishing the process of digitization! All of the items from over the summer have been scanned, their metadata finished, and the uploading process is almost done! 
How do I feel about all this, you ask? I am really excited! There is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with finishing a task as long-lasting as this. This process has required meticulousness, precision, efficiency, and patience as I have talked about in the past. But, in the end, all of this hard work is going to pay off! 
Patrons have begun to see the California Water Documents Collection expand and grow over late summer. That’s only going to continue as we move forward. 
My hope is that researchers will take advantage of the items we have uploaded. There are so many items in our collection that are very fascinating and exciting. 
Check out the Claremont Colleges Digital Library for more!