Getting My Groove On

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to report that I have settled into a
comfortable groove this week as I continue to perform the box survey for the
Woman’s Club of Claremont archive. I am learning as I go, making smarter
decisions, and working at a much quicker pace. I have managed to conduct the survey
on 26 of the 27 boxes, and will be ready to move on to step two in the process
next week. I have come across some interesting items that demonstrate not only
the enduring historical significance of the club, but also how the club has
made intimate connections with their community over the last century. The Woman’s
Club of Claremont has touched every era, and left the community better,
stronger, and enriched for the interaction.

 A history of the Woman’s Club of Claremont was recorded
in 1960. The group unofficially began meeting in 1917, during the First World War,
to do Red Cross sewing, knitting, and community service. The group became an
official club after the war in 1919. There are photographs of the club and its
building from the earliest years which are an interesting contrast to the way the
building looks today. The comparison shows how the Woman’s Club grew as the
community grew, and speaks to the intimate and integral relationship between
the club and the community. I know my understanding of the Woman’s Club will
expand as I continue processing the archive, and I look forward to delving
deeper into process, and the club, next week!

Blog 2 Pic 1.jpg

History, circa 1960.


 Blog 2 Pic 2.jpg

found in a record book containing meeting minutes titled, Woman’s Club of
Claremont 1924 – 1944

Blog 2 Pic 3.jpg 

Club of Claremont today.