The Plan is Complete

Hello Everyone, I spent this week formulating a
proposed processing plan. This entailed quite a lot of reading and research,
and I learned a great deal about creating a plan for arranging
a collection. The processing plan really boils down to figuring out the most
logical and expeditious way to break down and arrange the collection in such a
way that future researchers can easily access the
collection and quickly locate the records they are attempting to find. 
I still felt a little apprehensive – I was nervous about making a mistake – but
Lisa Crane reminded me that the processing plan is a “living document,” 
 and that the plan will
evolve as the processing is being conducted. So, there are no mistakes, just a
starting point in an ongoing process. This revelation made me feel much more
confident and I was able to propose a plan that, I hope, is based on sound
reasoning. I am eager to receive feedback on my proposal, make any recommended
changes to the plan, and start processing the collection.

Among the wonderful
events and activities put on by the Woman’s Club of Claremont over their long
and productive history, there were many fundraising events for worthwhile
organizations. One of these events was the 1962 Spring Celebrity Hat Sale to benefit
the Well Baby Clinic. The Woman’s Club asked celebrities to donate hats for the
benefit, and the club received some interesting donations from notable public and historical figures of the time including, but not limited to, Jackie Kennedy and the wife of Dean Martin.

Letter From Jackie Kennedy.jpg
Jackie Kennedy donates an autographed steel engraving.

Mrs Dean Marrtin Letter.jpg
Mrs. Dean Martin donates her husband’s new album.