Since it is Thanksgiving week I thought I would talk about
the things I am thankful for as a CLIR CCEPS Fellow.

1. Tanya, the Special Collections CLIR Digital Project Manager:
Tanya is the driving force of the CLIR Water Project. She uses her knowledge
and expertise to guide the CLIR CCEPS fellows. Without her, the project would
not be possible. I am thankful for her because she has taught me an immense
amount about archives, libraries, and special collections.


2. The Other CLIR CCEPS Fellows: I could not tackle the task of
digitizing and uploading this collection by myself. The other CLIR CCEPS
Fellows are similarly dedicated to making this collection of water documents
accessible on the Claremont Colleges Digital Library. I am thankful for them
because of their hard work as we work together to complete this project.


3. The Special Collections and Claremont Colleges Library
Staff: The staff here is always friendly and ready to help me with any issue I
may have. I am thankful for them because as a student and as a worker they are
always able to share knowledge and insight.


4. Podcasts: Whenever I am working on the more monotonous
tasks, like scanning a large document, I like to listen to podcasts. They keep
my brain busy while I do less exciting tasks so I never get bored at work. I am
thankful for podcasts because they keep me entertained.


5. Technology: I’ve already talked about technology in a
previous blog post, but it is so vital to what we do here. I am thankful for
technology because it makes my life easier.


6. The People of the Past: Where would we be without the people
of the past? We could not do research about water resources in Southern
California if the people in this area had not written letters, drawn maps,
created documents, completed reports, or recorded any of the material that we
now possess. I am thankful for the people of the past for documenting their
lives and activities so that we could learn about them today.


Happy Thanksgiving!