The semester is almost over and there’s a lot to do before
it ends. As a student I have been busy working on wrapping up coursework and
writing final papers. But as a CLIR CCEPS Fellow I have also been working on a
culminating project for the semester.

Next Wednesday, December 6, I will be doing a presentation
about my experiences along with the rest of the CLIR CCEPS Fellows. Each person
will speak on a different topic that interests them and directly relates to
their time here at special collections working on the CLIR Water documents. The
event will be held at 2pm in the library’s Founders Room.

At first I was overwhelmed with the idea of presenting my
thoughts on the project to digitize this huge collection of documents relating
to water resources in Southern California. Even though I have been here almost
an entire semester, at times I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of
the collection. However, in thinking more about the upcoming presentations I
have realized I have a wealth of thoughts and ideas about the project.

I won’t tell you what my topic is yet though! No spoilers!
But if you want to come you can always check out the Facebook event here: