In the Thick of It!

Hello Everyone, after some thought and adjustments I began executing the
processing plan for the collection this week. It was slow going at first, but I
began to pick up speed as I became more aware of the patterns within the
materials and things started to make sense. I understand now what the term “living
document” means as logical methods of arrangements reveal themselves as I sort
through and organize the materials. This really is a work in progress, and as I
sort I am beginning to see how files will be combined, eliminated, or created a
few steps from where I am now when the initial arrangement is completed. I have
to say I really enjoy the work. I never thought my need for organization, and sometimes
annoying habit of paying too much attention to detail, would come in so handy!
The Woman’s Club of Claremont has an interesting history, and being able to
touch upon the Club’s long and productive contribution to their community while
utilizing my organizational skills allows me to combine two of my favorite
things! I was able to complete an initial arrangement on one records box, and seeing
the neatly arranged files really gave me a sense of accomplishment for this
week. Now that I am in the thick of the creating the arrangements, I know I
will be able to pick up the pace and put a significant dent in the 26 boxes
that still need to be processed. I am excited for next week!    

Blog 5 One Box Down.jpg
One box down, only 26 more to go!

There was a variety of information and correspondence
regarding the Woman’s Club celebrity hat and jewelry sale benefitting the Well
Baby Clinic that took place in 1962. The “Les Chapeaux Elegants” event was
successful and well received, and included the sale and Chapeau Luncheon. I
have included some noteworthy responses from some well-known public figures
that I though might be of interest.    

Blog 5 Hats on Parade.jpg

Handmade invitation to the Woman’s Club Celebrity Hat Sale and
“Chapeau Luncheon.”

Blog 5 Hats Come Out.jpg

Newspaper article advertising the Woman’s Club
celebrity hat and jewelry sale.

Blog 5 Hat Sale Janet Leigh .jpg

Janet Leigh, Mrs. Tony Curtis, agrees to donate a hat
for the charity sale.

Blog 5 Hedda Hopper.jpg

Hedda Hopper, renowned for her flamboyant hat
collection, is unable to donate a hat for the sale.