More Processing Problems

Hi Everyone! 

This week I continued processing the photos. First, I laid out all the photos on the table and then split all of them into three groups: people, arts, landscape. However, the borderlines between the three categories are hard to define. For instance, a photo of an artist who is working on an art piece can be categorized as both “art” and “people,” and a photo of a person posing before stunning landscape can fall into either “people” or “landscape.” So I had to create subcategory under the existing three major categories. 

Another problem is dating the photographs. Although some of the photos are in envelops that has dates on them, the majority of the photos are scattered and cannot be dated. However, I am able to discern the events portrayed in some of the photos, so I looked up the dates of those events. But that only consists of a small minority of the photos. 

Besides, because laying the photos out and sorting them back to the boxes is quite a time-consuming process, I will work on a different schedule in order to work longer shifts on fewer days from this week onwards.

The library hosted a taco party today to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment of the fourth floor, and it was really awesome to chat with my colleagues outside the setting of the work place! 

Hope you have a good week!