My Favorite Photos

Hi Everyone! 

Last week I finally finished processing the majority of the collection. Hopefully I can finish the remaining of the collection this week. As I went through the photos yet again, I found a few that I especially appreciate. So here a few of my favorite photos: 


The doctor seems to be pleasantly surprised that the child has a heartbeat. I really appreciate the humor. 


The bride looks genuinely happy in this picture, and I hope she has(d) a good marriage. 


United States Post Office really did not change at all since the mid-1960s, when this photo was taken. I just went there this morning to send my tax forms to the Department of Treasury. 


As a cat lover, I would most certainly include a cat. This casual yet adorable sketch of a elegant cat is by renowned English-American sculptor Albert Stewart (1900 – 1965) who was appointed the head of sculpture program at Scripps College in 1939. If one looks closely, one can find his works all around the Claremont area (Pomona College, Scripps College, Community Church, United Church, Padua Hills Theatre). 

Hope you have a good week!