The Finding Aid is Coming Together

Hello Everyone, I have managed to get
quite a bit done this week. I have completed entering all the note headings
into ArchiveSpace and transferred the series scope and content notes into them.
I am working on the biographical history of the Woman’s Club of Claremont to
enter into ArchiveSpace and hope to have it completed by next Tuesday. In
researching the Club’s history for the narrative, I came across some
interesting information. The women first purchased their clubhouse, known as
the Elegant Lady, in 1925 through
fundraising efforts, donations from the townspeople of the city of Claremont,
and a loan procured from Claremont First National Bank. Twenty-five years later
the women celebrated their silver anniversary by having a grand jubilee which culminated
with the original Club President Mrs. Hill and the then President Mrs. Kennard
burning the paid-in-full mortgage. The event was recorded in the local
newspaper and a toast and response was recited at the celebration commemorating
the club, and the original thirteen members that brought the dream of the
Woman’s Club of Claremont into reality. Take a look at the images below. Have a
great weekend!
Thumbnail image for 25th Anniversary Dinner.jpg    Jubilee.jpg

The Woman’s
Club of Claremont celebrated their

Anniversary with a grand Jubilee.

Toast to Original 13 Members.jpg   Response to Toast.jpg

Toast and Response to the Original Thirteen Members of

Woman’s Club of Claremont.