Presentation Next Wednesday!

This week, I mainly worked on the presentation that I will be giving next Wednesday. Based on my knowledge of the collection, in the presentation, I am going to talk about the Yao family’s history of education, work, and migration. Additionally, I will show some of my favorite photographs from the collection, including photos of Hong Kong, the Claremont Colleges, and art works. Finally, I plan on talking about one object that interested me the most: a 1938 graduation book from University of Shanghai, where both Norman and Anne Yao attended. 

The book is very fascinating for me on many levels. The bloody Battle of Shanghai was fought a year before the book was published, and the Japanese captured the city. University of Shanghai had to relocate to the International Settlement, but the university’s president was assassinated by the Japanese. In the year book, in which students reacted differently to the war. As for Norman, he was upset because he lost his collection of photographs in the war. 

The presentation is going to be at Honnold/Mudd Library’s Founders Room at 1:00 on Wednesday, December 12. I am presenting along with other two CCEPS students. Please come to our presentations if you have time.

See you then!