Back from Germany

How does one process while jet-lagged? Carefully and intentionally. Most of the materials I worked with this week were organized quite well, so arranging them were not too difficult. One challenge I came across presented itself in the form of timelines taped and glued together. Garcia created two timelines, one of the UFW and farm worker movement, and one regarding the Synanon program (I will write more about Synanon and what it is in a later blog post). I will have to carefully separate what I can, without damaging the materials, to ensure safe storage and preservation. 
I stumbled upon some interesting correspondence and memos regarding the United Farm Workers (UFW) and their internal relations in 1977. One folder he labeled “Purged/Resigned” contained information regarding a wave of firings and resignations from the UFW referred to as the “Monday Night Massacre.” The materials provide unique insight into the inner workings of the UFW under the leadership of Cesar Chavez. This is just one sample of compelling evidence that Garica uncovered in his research. Next week, I’ll give some more examples of some significant and surprising information Garica was able to find regarding the UFW and Synanon.