Week Three


After Last week’s survey and creation of a processing plan, this week I was able to begin the process of arranging items! I started into the papers first because they will take the longest and require the most effort for intellectual arrangement too. Yesterday, I spent a while going through the various forms of correspondence between Hertel, Woodcock, and their circle of people by which they are surrounded. With such a long career at Pitzer, Hertel has correspondence with multiple college presidents, various faculty members, and students from different generations.

Working with the letters, especially the communication between Woodcock and Hertel, requires a bit more than I would have considered before CCEPS. It is not just arranging by person, but it’s finding the actual date with clues of content that its the year of 30th anniversary of the Wilderness Act or based on the surrounding materials with matching stamps and types of paper. The letters had to be un-enveloped, many with photos that requiring sleeving. With correspondents that are creative as they are, the format of correspondences take numerous forms including collages and cards they have made. Within letters Hertel would include photos, newspapers, or materials from where he was. The above photo is from one of his letters from Shanghai in the early 1990s. Included is calligraphy, brochures, pamphlets, a rating of the hotel, and a guide to addressing back pain. The last part I am unsure as I can not read it.

Until Next week!