Week Four

This week, I focused on creating folders for the Woodcock contributions to the collection. The most difficult part was when I was down to the final pieces. While most everything could easily be categorized, there were a few pieces that were left at the end. It took me some time, but with advice from Lisa, I was able to come up with folders without having to name any “miscellaneous.”


I also started into the rest of the Hertel collection, including the hundreds of 35mm slides, part of which is pictured above. Many of the slides are labeled or are already in groups, but there are still a number of loose ones. Looking at these to create some sort of order has been interesting. The photo below is one I found particularly interesting. The scene is an event possibly on the mounds at Pitzer College with a gigantic face and arms in the background. Hertel has documented quite a few of these types of events with large artistic objects, assumed to be made by students and faculty, for festivals, marches, etc. I wonder what happened to these massive pieces? Have they been destroyed? Are they in someone’s garage? As I continue with the slides next week, I hope to come across more slides that could hint to at least what the events were!