Week Five

One of the parts of the collection I arranged this week was the assortment of Dick Barnes correspondence with Hertel. In this age of technology, it is advised to be careful what you may put online or send to people because “you never know who is going to read it!” Most people do not consider this when writing letters, yet the same idea still applies because it could end up in an archive, where you never know who is going to read it. I began to think about this as I saw some of the letters referring to opinions about controversies at the college. I have come across a few documents that will require some level of confidentiality, so I learned about different options for sealing, redacting, and requests reviewing for few materials that fit such description. The pictures below are two examples of the drawings sometimes included in the margins of the letters written from Barnes.

IMG_3802.jpg               IMG_3804.jpg

This week I also began going sleeving photographs. Most of the photographs are from the classes Hertel took to the deserts for an external studies semester program. The photographic materials are a variety of sizes as evidenced below. These photographs provide a complement to the syllabus and proposal documents I already have seen in the collection with a visual example of the projects and places Hertel used for his interdisciplinary and experimental approach to education.