Week Eleven

This week I worked on the oversized materials, putting them into folders, finding the right folder box combinations, and then labeling them. They had been laying to flatten really since I first started working on this collection. When I first surveyed the collection I had though there were large posters and small posters, but only taking them out of their folder this time did I realize that the large posters are actually uncut sheets of the smaller size posters. Each poster design was created by a coworker, family member, or former student of Hertel for his memorial exhibition in 2005. Each poster is very different as the artists used a variety of mediums and each has its own unique style.


Also this week, I started entering information onto ArchivesSpace. This part is time consuming and I prefer working with things rather than typing, but making the collection available users is why I am working with the materials in the first place. It also improves my keyboarding skills too!