Week Ten

     This week I continued work in the audio visual materials, finding the correct boxes and labeling them. For those that were not in their original tin, I photocopied the front so record of the original label title would be kept, no matter how hard it was to decipher. I also made copies for the Route 66 box. This box keeps coming up in the blog posts because it offers such an interesting opportunity. The box included food, but 17 year old raisins are risky in what creatures they might attract into the boxes. The solution was to photocopy the food items and then put them into their own sleeves so they represent the idea of why they were included in the project. While trying to figure out how the project would be intellectually arranged in the collection, I had an idea. The materials are from a 1999 Michael Woodcock class and are part of series 6, or the “Michael Woodcock Contribution.” With 5 subseries already existing, how could I resist calling the Route 66 class project subseries 6.6?

    I still have a few items I am working with to come up with folder titles or that I haven’t quite figured out how to physically arrange, but I feel that I am getting closer to the end point. There is still much to do, but the shift to the next step of entering data into the finding aid is coming soon!