The Journey Begins – CCEPS – Woman’s Club of Claremont – Friday 10/27/2017

Hello Everyone, my name is Therasa Topete and I am a student
in the master of arts program in religion at CGU. I began my first experience
performing archival work this week processing the records of a wonderful
organization called the Woman’s Club of Claremont. The Woman’s Club of Claremont
has been active since the early twentieth century, and identifies itself as a non-profit
organization open to all adult women with the desire to help the community by
supporting various charities, communities, schools, and organizations. I feel
honored to have a part in recording the history of such an inspiring
organization, and feel a great responsibility to do a good job so current and
future generations will be able to see the impact this wonderful group of women
have had on their community for almost an entire century.

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This archival project contains 26 record boxes that
need to be processed, and I was excited and a little intimidated on day one. As
I began to perform the box survey, I kept feeling as though I was getting too
wrapped up in the details and taking too long to complete each box. Once I had
processed the first two boxes, which took a long time, I began to understand
what needed to be noted at this stage, and what should be inspected more
closely at a later stage in the process. The work went much smoother after that,
and I am beginning to process at a much faster pace. I processed twice as many boxes
today as I did in the last three days combined, and I am beginning to feel more
confident performing the task. I really enjoy the work, and as I go through the
materials I am getting to know The Woman’s Club more intimately. I feel like I
will view the Woman’s Club of Claremont as an old friend when my time here is finished,
and I am excited to continue the work. I look forward to keeping you all posted
along my journey!