One Word

This week I was asked how I would describe my fellowship in
one word. It took me a while to think about just one word that encapsulates my
entire experience working on the CLIR Water Project. Each day is a little
different, and since I still consider myself new to this position, I am still
learning new skills all the time. For example, just this week I have learned
how to create metadata in CONTENTdm and how to upload items onto the Claremont
Colleges Digital Library. With this in
mind, how could I narrow down my experience into one word?

In the end, I came up with “detail-oriented,” which is not
even technically a single word. However, it seemed to best fit my feelings
about everything I do here. Whether it is how you handle fragile documents or
how you create comprehensive metadata, it is important to be detail-oriented.
At every step of the digitization process, it is of utmost importance to take
your time and pay attention. Every detail matters.

Consequently, many of my tasks feel a bit like mental
juggling. However, I enjoy this element of multitasking while working as a CLIR
CCEPS Fellow. Although it might not look or sound that exciting to digitize
documents and create metadata for them, my mind is always whirring with a
thousand factors to make sure every detail is perfect.