Aesthetics: The CLIR Water project

Recently I was asked whether I enjoyed working with aesthetically pleasing documents or written text. Immediately, I began thinking of all the written text I’ve been working with. Most recently, we received pieces from the Ontario City Library. The written text I’ve been working with have been, possibly surprisingly, quite beautiful. As you can see in the picture below, some of the emblems or stamps on these documents have their own aesthetic value. 

IMG_9806 0929.jpg

Also, very aesthetically pleasing were the hand writing of the texts.
Although I couldn’t read some of them, I could still admire the precision and beauty of the hand writing. It makes the piece seems very
personal, despite being government or company related documents.


I guess my answer was that, with a lot of the written text I’ve
worked with, I’ve found incredible aesthetic value. It makes scanning
for five hours on end a whole lot more bearable.