Social Media, but like from the past?

Inspired by Kiera’s blog about social media, I began to think of the Chaffey
brothers and their use of advertisement and marketing in order to
attract attention to their “Colony.” As we saw in a past blog of mine, the Chaffey
brothers had produced pamphlets about their “City that Charms.” They
truly created a sort of paradise area for people to come, to live and to
prosper. “It’s like Social Media, but old.” *said in a high pitched voice*
They really did have their own forms of social media, their own forms of
putting information out there. Nowadays if we have an idea we have an immediate outlet, but it wasn’t always that easy.
In the letter below one can see how
advertising was very important to the Chaffey brothers.


They had advertisements all around the area, and even in Canada. In another letter
you can see the amount of people from Canada interested in the Colony
the Chaffey Brothers created.


they really had a vision!

Until next time,