Making a Plan

Hello Everyone, this week I finished the box survey
and began formulating a processing plan. To facilitate this next step in the
process, I had to figure out the answers to two fundamental questions: What is
a processing plan and how do you make one? After some sage advice from Lisa, I
relied on the tried and true practice of research, research, research! Developing
and Maintaining Practical Archives: A How-To-Do-It Manual
by Gregory S. Hunter,
the “Bible” of creating archives, and A Glossary of Archival & Records
by Richard Pearce-Moses, are providing valuable information and
will help guide me through the process. After some initial reading, I had to just
jump in and begin filling out the processing plan. I am learning as I go and
enjoying every moment.

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I came across some interesting information regarding
the Junior Woman’s Club of Claremont. The club was started in 1933 with the
Woman’s Club as its sponsor, and focuses on philanthropy, community service,
and building leadership skills in young women devoted in the group. Two items
of interest are the Club’s History and Purpose, and the GFWC (General
Federation of Women’s Clubs) Junior Pledge written in 1916 by Helen Cheney
Kimberly of California. I found the Junior Pledge to contain some profound
language and concepts, encouraging the young women of the group to be loyal, do
better in their work, be honest and courteous, and to “live each day trying to
accomplish something – not merely to exist.” Pretty amazing!      


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 The Junior Club of Claremont’s History and Purpose.


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The Junior Pledge was written
in 1916 by Helen Cheney Kimberly of California, and was adopted in 1930 at the
GFWC Convention as the National Junior Pledge.