Working Merrily Along

Hello Everyone, I am pleased to report I have made progress this week. I
have processed four records boxes and am working merrily along. I am hoping to
keep up the pace next week and make some significant head way before the
holiday break. I am busy processing administrative paperwork into folders and
am looking forward to learning how to process items that need preservation,
such as photographs and newspaper clippings, when we return to work in the new
year. The Woman’s Club of Claremont has taken great care in recording their
history over the decades. From homemade leather-bound scrapbooks in the 1920’s,
to homemade quilted scrapbooks in the 1980’s, the club has preserved items
documenting their activities and contributions to the community. Items include
photographs, slides, and newspaper clippings to name just a few types of records.
A newspaper article titled, “Home Portals Opened,” from 1924 documents the club’s
first meeting in their new clubhouse on 12th street in Claremont. The article
relays how in 1922 a Mrs. Henry C. Gower reported to the group the club’s
fundraising efforts towards their new clubhouse had accumulated to $6 and some
chickens! Somehow the determined group of amazing women managed to gather the
necessary funds and in 1924 had one of their first meetings in their new
clubhouse with approximately 150 women present. Some 72 years later the Woman’s
Club of Claremont made headlines again as they were recognized for their long history
of community service. Quite an impressive group of women who have dedicated
their lives to improving their community and I am thankful I am able to have just
a small part in working to preserve their history. 

Blog 6 pic 1.jpg

Homemade scrapbook ca. 1920.

blog 6 pic 3.jpg

The Women’s Club gets a new home–I wonder if the
chickens were part of the deal!

blog 6 pic 2.jpg

 The Club being recognized for 72 years of service to
the Claremont community.

blog 6 pic 4.jpg

Homemade scrapbook ca. 1984.